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 Russey Keo, Russey Keo, Phnom Penh


Hexa Condominium

Hexa Condo is a 31-storey condominium project in Russey Keo developed by a Taiwan-based developer to meet the growing demand for simple yet high-quality residence in tune with the new era of Phnom Penh. SJS Construction & Development has made its first ‘home run’ in Phnom Penh’s property market with the SJS1 Borey development, which is a hit and quickly sold out. Hexa Condo is a marketable mixed-use project that SJS Group once again integrated the advantages of timing and location with its skills and strategies.

Hexa Condo is situated in Russey Keo and borders the northwestern of Toul Kork. The location allows the project to have both advantages of Russey Keo’s lower cost and the proximity to Toul Kork’s commercial hotspot like TK Avenue. Meanwhile, the neighbouring Sen Sok district is also offering some urban highlights alike, such as the AEON Mall 2. Russey Keo district is sandwiched between Phnom Penh’s town centre and emerging suburbs and has 600,000 inhabitants. As the extension of Toul Kork’s upward momentum and prosperity to its north, Hexa Condo is bound to be a great option for middle-class and professionals, which also provides stylish office space that is crafted for the needs of commercial properties around the area.

Taking Angkor Blvd to the south, you can get to Mao Tse Tung Blvd in no time, which means only a ten-minute drive into the city centre from Hexa Condo. However, no bother to go downtown for errands, as there is almost everything within a one-minute walk. On top of that, many schools are nearby, including Golden Gate International School, Western International School, Beijing International School, Paññāsāstra International School, and the Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia. More surprisingly, multiple routes from the Hexa Condo respectively link to TK Avenue, Oriental Culture Square, Eden Garden commercial area, Makro, Mega Mall. Local and international food is all-inclusive, and of course, Starbucks, Koi, Brown, Amazon, Chatime and other well-known brands of coffee and tea are not absent in the nearby neighbourhood. What’s more, there are plenty of private clinics around, as well as large medical institutions such as Victoria International Hospital and Calmette Hospital.

Hexa Condo sits on an area of 1,578 sqm and boasts 576 apartments, parking spaces on the first to 4th floor, and office spaces spanning on 29th and 30th floor.
A variety of apartments range from one to three bedrooms, and between 30 to 64 sqm of net area. The ground floor serves as a lobby, with a feature of Brainstorm co-work space. Concierge service, property management, refreshment zone, an open workspace, all are available on your way in and out. A gym, swimming pool, and romantic sky bar top the building together exclusive for residents to enjoy. So it is easy to picture a cozy lifestyle at Hexa Condo, which also inspires creation and potential. The residents can also enjoy meticulous and personalized home services, maintenance and security, vehicle check-in, private secretaries, rental and accounting, letters and messages, laundry, breakfast for tenants.

SJS Group’s team of professionals will handle everything post-purchase that matters, including escrow, rent, and resales oversea owners. According to the latest Toul Kor’s rental rates, one-bedroom rent starts from about $350 per month; and $600+ or $850+ per month for a two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment. Therefore, the annual return on investment of Hexa Condo can be expected to reach 9%.

During its over 20 years of development, SJS Construction & Development adheres to the policy of selective landholding and maximizing the value of the property. Setting a series of strict bars for construction with earthquake and storm-proof, SJS has always worked with Taiwan-certified Class A builders to offer the safest buildings, of which buyers’ interests are assured, and residents can live with peace of mind.

Hexa Condo Payment Terms

Full Payment: Deposit of $1,000, sign in 1 week with 30% down payment, 70% paid in 1 month;
Install Payment of 3 years: Deposit of $1,000, sign in 1 week with 30% down payment, 70% installments from 2nd to 36th month;
Muti Payment: Deposit of $1,000, sign in 1 week with 10% down payment, 40% installment from 2nd to 36th month, 50% installment in 10 years with interest of 12% per year;
Zero Down Payment: Deposit of $500, sign in 1 week and pay the first installment, 50% interest-free installment in 36 months, 50% installment with interest of 12% per year.


写真 ユニットタイプ 面積 Floorplans 空室数 販売価格
One Bedroom 30m² – 43m² 1
Two Bedrooms 39m² – 54m² 1
Three Bedrooms 64m² 1